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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
Yes, it can be done, it is a hassle and you will not get the same flavor as a sidewheeler. The key to smoking with a traditional stickburner with a side fire box is the draft of the cooker. It isn't just the fire source, it is also how the heat and smoke move around the meat. Every cooker has a different taste.

That being said, if you were to use a kiln to burn the wood to coals, then shoveled small amounts of coal into the Weber with the vents all open, controlling the heat with the amount of coal you add, as opposed to closing the vents, you might just get a good product. But, it will be a lot of fuss.
yeah i have done that. its hard. i used my chimney to always keep a pile of lump going. i would then add that to the weber every hour or so. i kept it at 275 for most of the cook. turned out a good product BUT very time consuming.

im begining tho think that im gonna have to save for a small offset. maybe one from lowes or home depot. OR just make a really nice open fire pit and have the food to the side of the fire like the salt lick in texas does. haha. or i can dig a hole and do it the ol school way.
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