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Default Chicken Thighs and Breasts

Having never done chicken before (total noob) I have a couple questions; or more rather confirmation after reading several posts here from the fellow Brethren...

1. Preferred Smoke Temp: 325?
2. Thigh Meat needs to be brought to what Temp? Glaze at 170 and finish at 180?
3. Breast Meat need to be brought to what Temp? Glaze at 165 and finish at 175?

I understand the process of getting the fat off the chicken skin (or De-fatification as I call it)... so I'm OK there.

I'm going to try the cup cake method with the chicken upside down for the first 2/3rds of the cook then right side up for the last 1/3rd of the cook.

I am also going to try a set just on a cookie grate and see which I like better. I'm not going for crispy skin.

Thoughts or recommendations?

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