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Originally Posted by HolySmoke View Post
why not cut the splits to chunks and add them in the webber on top of lump coal and there's the smoke flavor... or am i missing something?
ello guys. busy day today. it is the wifes b day to morrow and her moms the other day. lol so i have been booked. I also have a cookin class i have been scheduling to teach soon.

anyway, holysmoke, i should explain something. You are missing something. and i didnt mention it on this thread. haha. but i have in the past. I have tried 7 or 8 different ways of bbq smoking. from electric, gas, straight lump with no wood, lump with wood, briqs with and with out wood. lump non minion method with wood, lump non minion method with no wood, briqs non minion with and with out wood. and last but not least, plain ol stick burner. by far the stick burner was the BEST and right below that was gas/electric. Those are what produced a flavor i like. Now for the cahrcoal side, i still love it, just a way diff flavor than the stick burner. I like all bbq but i tend to lean towards a stick burner or in emergencies, lump non minon method with wood. so thats why im trying to use chunks in the weber or if i had the space, real pit cooking. I think that is my summer goal. pit cooking with a pit in the ground. haha.

thanks guys
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