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Originally Posted by cashew View Post

I am hoping to do my first Butt roast for pulled pork and a Brisket or baby backs next.

Are there others here that prefer using propane or electric over charcoal and what are the pros and cons of each?

Is there something I can expect to not like about using the propane that I would not need to worry about with the others?


I have a stick burner, and 2 charcoal smokers.

I have a couple propane smokers that I bought as secondary holding ovens when catering large events. It is one less fire to maintain and has a small foot print for a smoker that can hold 8 trays nicely.

Now into my 60's I find I use these more and more for smaller overnight cooking purposes. I no longer like to watch the stick burner all night or get up to monitor the charcoal burner in the wee hours of the morning. I have used these propane smokers for smoking when I do not want to babysit a fire on a long cold night with changing temperatures. They do do a good job and do produce good "Q" when used properly.

At my age it is no longer what I prefer, but rather what works for me, after 25 years of smoking meat I welcome anything that makes life easier and can still provide an outstanding food product. I still use all five smokers, but I chose the one that best fits the application and size of the cook.

The only thing I noticed with the propane smokers, is that the water pans are crucial for keeping a consistent temperature through out the cook.

The cabinet also works well with an A-Maze-N Pellet smoker for cold smoking without any heat source.

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