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Default Experimenting with pineapple juice

As we all know, raw pineapple juice is a super efficient tenderizer, sometimes too efficient. We also know that brisket is super tough. So combing the two seems like a reasonable idea to me. The question is how to do it. My thoughts are 1. Inject the brisket at the beginning (I'm working with a smaller, deckle-off cut), and run the risk of it turning to mush. I'm aware that the enzyme in pineapple that makes it so potent stops being effective around 150 degrees, so it's possible that the enzyme won't be raised to an ineffective temp fast enough which leads me to 2. Inject when the meat temp has risen to say 100 degrees (and preheat the p-juice). My concern with this is potentially drying out the meat via poking around in it.

Any thoughts on this approach?
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