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Originally Posted by TLillard View Post
I'm coming in a few months late but..What a great cooker, got a pit barrel cooker a few weeks ago and have cooked spares, baby backs, game hens, and chuck roast..all turned out great. The cooker is so easy to use and clean up after a cook...much easier than my 22" WSM. Can't wait to cook a pork butt and brisket.
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T Lillard - We are so glad that you joined the BBQ Brethren to come into this thread, before saying or commenting on anything else, in any other thread to chime in on this product. Even before cattle call. For the record, back two names ago in 2006 or 7, my first post officially was to ask a question about the then, solution to all our BBQ problems, the Stoker. There has to be a first post, right?

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