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Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post
Opinions, positive or negative, are allowed. As long as it is all within the forum rules, it's fine. Just a reminder that Phil has already scrubbed posts and the thread itself. If it turns into vulgarities and BS again like Phil stated above, then it's a different story. You guys decide if you want to keep it civil and within the rules or push the envelope a little more. That's your choice. Just letting you know that Admin has already been in this thread in case any of you did not read the thread from its entirety. This is the 3rd time Admin/Mods have had to step in.
Thanks and I sent a PM to Phil about that last line so no one gets the wrong idea. I get emails ya know. Originally the last line read like it does now... BUT there was a lovely picture of Jessica Alba's back side, thereby it had me endorsing her ass. Now that that picture was removed, it may seem to some I am calling John an ass.... which is the opposite I of how I feel, which is, that he is one of those "do gooders." Which of course to some, is not an insult at all.

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