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IMO, talking as Bob the Member, not Bob the Mod. I've built a few UDSsss', myself. If you didn't already have the tools etc to make one and couldn't get the drum parts, etc. for cheap, this would be the way to go. Even at regular price, looking at all the work that went into that cooker, it's worth it. As for the hooks, cool addition, but I'm not in the school of thinking that simply hanging the meat will make it juicier, more flavorful etc. I can already get that using a grate if I just cook it right from the get go. I'd think of the hooks as a second grate, so to speak. Even at that, I'd use the hooks for the hell of it, with the lower grate in place. If a Weber lid fit on it pretty snug with no mods, for some extra head room, even better. The good thing about mass producing something like this is that you eliminate a lot of the wrinkles and flaws you would encounter by making your own.
While I'd buy one, I like the challenge of making my own. For those of you in that camp, imitation is the highest form of flattery, but even with this "way of thinking" there can be issues. I still think it's the COOK, not the COOKER! Just me, though!
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