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Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post

Here is where you went wrong with Patio. I see this in here from time to time. Been accused of it myself.

Pitmaster T's EDICT on Endorsements

Patio Daddio is anything but dishonest. So I can say this. He has made it known he really does not like what I stand for and will say it. But he is a pretty honest guy. And he has done his share of cooking on the UDS so I would probably think his opinion about this PBS thing (which boggles my mind how someone would have the balls to actually try and patent a hook for smoking chicken in a barrel using rebar but hey, maybe I should patent using racks for cooking meat on). As usual, I digress. So take it from me, who really does not care for Patio so much because he is too nice, but also because he messed up my salad bar a few times. Patio is as honest as the wait on a frozen turkey to defrost.

Patio's Contribution to the UDS Phenomina before Noah/B]

A moment of discussion about "preceived endorsement." This forum was built on people in the competition world endorseing processes, ingredients, glazes, additives, blowers, thermometers, foils, butcher papers (with or without wax coatings) rubs, dusts, charcoal (Patio did a wonderful experiement comparing charcoal a few years ago), mops, pits, drums, designs, graphics, banners, meat providers, air induction devices, remote thermometers, muffin tins, tv programs, social programs, moinks, frozen products, guns, targets, suggested human targets, brewing paraphanalia, welders.... get the point?

Patio has been a competitor for a long while. And he has advised people here a lot. Nearly all of it I begrudginly aggree with. I would imagine if I were going to buy a product I would loop in what a guy that has had extensive experience in cooking **** on a UDS AND whatever else he chooses. Here is why I hate competitors. Because they have the audacity to show up at a pagent, with an existing stable of expertise, then throw it out the window as Patio did and adopt something else. That takes balls. In addition he beat Trigg. Now I like Trigg and frankly have seen him ON PITMASTERS go to a pagent and get 46th or so. Several times. But Patio beat him using the PBS. So that essentially means it surely does not do any damage to the BBQ. But here is where you went off track... and I see that you aologized and thats cool. If you are looking for an honest review then just either tuck what Patio says in your head (or not) and go on to find other info to make your purchasing decision. But questioning Patio and suggesting he has vested interest in the company... well hold it a minute. So the fark what if he did. We all have a "vested" interest in what we do. But just about every one of us that is worth a **** gets tied to someone who also is worth a **** and meld our **** to theirs and there **** get's melded into ours. Its like the way George Clinton did things. He was a dawg, right? He pees on something, then some other dawg pees on it and then another pees on it again. Its what we all do to make thangs funky. Pee on ****.

Patio showing he has balls enough to buy **** and tell people about it - Obviously unaware you cannot load the drum this way as all hook openings should be pointed North.

Suggesting Patio is dishonest just because of his affliation with Noah and the PBS is BS.

This forum is all about our endorsements. None of us can keep our mouths shut. I like how Chris Matthews once put it about himself when someone questioned why his opinion mattered. He said "I am not sure you are aware of this Eric but I get paid because people tune in to see what I think." Well people like you are here in our forum to see what us BBQ freaks think. Even if they are white bread, "aww shucks," Pat Boone white shoe wearing, sqeaky clean, Dudley will Do no wrong tonight if Nell will just let him kick it, "he's a nice guy" freaks like Patio Daddio.

[B]I have been an ass for more than 48 years. Why would I not endorse one?


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