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Originally Posted by sparky' View Post
you two guys act like children. if you like the pbc fine. if you don't fine. i thought this was a bbq forum and not were two grown adults act like babies. and when i post about my pbc i would like it if you don't highjack my post w/ your dribble.
Sparky, don't you dare say John was acting like a "child." Who the heck do you think you are? None of the other posters were acting like "children." The other 3 or so forums you post about your PBC stuff on and how it doesn't make your BBQ taste "icky," may have a few members but this one has almost 40K. Not to mention, defending a person like John's desire to let people know their experiences about the PBC is hardly "hi-jacking" and those that know me, know I can highjack a thread so bad no one knows what the heck is going on and have to scroll to see if they are in the wrong thread.

Sorry, but you don't control our opinions, dislikes, likes or how we express them. Frankly, the forum rules dictate that and the only one breaking them was myself dude. Of course you could have been talking about the guys critiqing John but they were within the forum rules as well.

I will comment if I wish...within the forum rules. Or is it time for any mention of this product to be thrown into the vendor forum like the China pellet thing was.

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