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My stick burner is made out of an old 275 gallon oil tank and has a 24"x24"x24" firebox on it, which by the calculations on the website listed below is only 22% of the cooking chamber volume. I've never come even remotely close to not being able get temps over 400 easily with a decent sized fire in there. To maintain about 300, there's not much of a fire in there. A stick burner isn't like a wood stove where you pack it full of wood and damp it down, you want a small, hot fire. Granted i wish i got 12 hour burn times out of my pit like i do my wood stove but temp control is key with a pit. I'd say a 20"x20"x20" will absolutely be more than you need to maintain high temps. I'd say air inlet placement and design is much more critical, especially with an insulated firebox. Installing large, adjustable vents on a smaller firebox will give you a much better experience than a larger firebox with poor air flow. When i built my smoker i had no experience what so ever and just kinda wung it and learned from my mistakes but made adjustments as needed. I'm not expert but i know my pit's temp can get very high without even coming near the capacity of my firebox and keeping a temp of about 300-350 is only maintaining a small/medium fire.
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