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Originally Posted by dadsr4 View Post
Just read this whole thread. I then Googled "pit barrel cooker". I'm guessing that alot of the "PatioDaddio is connected with PBC" confusion results from all of his reviews popping up there. People perhaps are not reading the details?
His photo is also there.
This came up once sorta with a distributor that was selling a air induction device in the forum. I guess in reagrds to John Dawson and his blog you may be insiniuating what he admits to in his first line on his blog regarding the product.

"Daddio has a new toy! The great folks at the Pit Barrel Cooker Company sent me one of their cookers to test drive."

Seen on his blog attributed here.

BUT HE ALSO EXPLAINS HE RECEIVED IT FREE OF CHARGE BUT THE OPINIONS WERE HIS OWN!!!! a little further down the review. He didn't need to do that but thats the way he rolls.

Look, I received a freaking pallet of Kingsford edge once simply because my Stoker Video had 65K hits on my old Popdaddy channel. I also received a formitable amount of AR charcoal with a request I make a vid about it. I hated the AR.

Which brings to the point JUST because they sent him a PBC and he liked it (he did well with it) its his choice to tell people and I am sorry but I would rather listen to a person with proven talent than a salesman.

So, like I said before, how he may have gotten the product, free or he bought it, should matter little considering the person he is known to be. Honest and talented.... even in my opinion. Its a new product and someone has to endorse it. I know the buyer (we went to High School and College together) for H.E.B. and the pits they have there on display are all cheap horizontal drums smokers and they suck. If magically the PBC would show up at the hundreds of stores they have because of someone's "connection" does not neccessarily mean the product is not good.

I understand you offerd an observance and do not mean to suggest you are critical - but I am saying that others may think that's what you are saying. For a while when you googles stoker my name and videos came up and I in NO way endorsed the product but I sure liked it. It's kinda the nature of what we do. I have a feeling if it sucked, John probably would let people know or remain silent... showing tact... which I hate.

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