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Default Modified ECB

Good Morning All,

I just wanted to share some pics of the ECB I received for Christmas with the mods inspired by this thread

Basically I copied Hamilton's idea of using the lava rock pan to seal the fuel pan on the ECB and to create a way to control the flow of air to the unit. Hope you enjoy and thanks for looking!

Also please excuse the mess, this was assembled in the unfinished portion of the basement in our new home so i havent had time to set up a work-bench.

1. This is a picture of extra materials i bought for the project, on the left is the lava rock pan that is mentioned in the thread above. The smoker rests perfect on the lip of the pan and creates a some-what air-tight seal between the smokers fuelpan and the unit. The grate is a Weber 7439 Smokey Joe Charcoal grate that will be used to create a gap between the fuel and the ash:

photo 2.JPG
photo 5.jpg

This Photo shows the mods done up to this point. I created exhaust points in the lid for the smoke to vent and added an instant read thermo and a (hopefully) better temperature gauge to better monitor the process:

photo 1.jpg
photo 3.JPG
photo 4.JPG

Next Came time to take the legs off of the ECB and mount them to the new Fuel-Pan stand. A pretty straight forward process, just use a paint marker and the legs as a template to drill your holes:


The fuel pan that came with the ECB needed holes for the ash to fall through and a way for air to reach the fuel so I went to town, if you cant tell by now I'm not the most mechanically inclined person but i like to think i can get by


The Battery on my drill died so i will go in tonight and finish the air vents on the side of the pan:


So far here is my finished product. I still need to fabricate a damper for the air intake on the base pan and a support system to rest the charcoal grate. I plan on seasoning it this Saturday and taking it on a maiden smoke voyage sunday with some boneless pork shoulders and maybe a couple of sausages. prOn will be updated soon. Thanks for looking and for all of your wisdom, I spend alot of time here just lurking... its awesome. Might even have to enter a TD soon

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