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OK, I guess I'll actually make a serious reply for once, and not jsut joking around like normal.

I don't call myself a pitmaster, but if someone calls me that I don't correct them either. I just call myself a cooking enthusiast, with extreme outdoor cooking tendencies. Actually, I don't even call myself that, but if someone asks about any hobbies or whatever, I usually say something like "outdoor cooking enthusiast" and when they ask what that means I say "BBQ, grilling, campfire cooking, etc".

There are people out there who I looked up to when starting to cook, still look up to this day, and I still consider them to be the real pitmasters. In thatcase it's a respect thing.

There are also people out there whose cooking skills, outdoors or otherwise, that blow me away. I consider those in this vein who BBQ to be pitmasters as well, particularly comp cooks as the term fits them very well.

For me, I'm not particularly fond of the term when thinking how to describe myself. There are many reasons for that. Part of it is a separation between comp bbq, comp cooking, and non competitive cooking. I almost sort of liken the term to describe accomplished competition BBQ cooks. However, those who do not compete who can cook the absolute living bejeesus out of damn near anything at any given moment are equally deserving of the term "pitmaster" when their cooking is BBQ.

Another reason I'm not fond of the term is that since I associate the word "pitmaster" with "bbq", it clashes with the big time grey area of what I define as "bbq". I do not define BBQ as the four KCBS categories, or comp Q for any other organization. I do not consider it to be only smoked pig, beef or chicken either. For me, BBQ can be so much more, and I have strived to broaden my BBQ cooking horizons as far as I can. I do not want any limitations. Not everyone agrees with this though, and if I BBQ up some sort of SPAM Brownies or something (not something I'm proud of by the way), then I like to consider it "bbq", but not something most people would associate with a "pitmaster", nor do I think they should associate it that way.

It's even more complicated than all that, but in a nutshell, I simply don't like the concept of being confined to a definition by some word. Thus I do not call myself "pitmaster" because that automatically creates a boxed in definition in many peoples minds that I liekly do not fit into.

There aer some serious pitmasters out there though. They deserve to be called as such if they wish to be. Or at least called as such by those who wish to give them proper credit.
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