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Originally Posted by PatioDaddio View Post
Hey moderators, how about also removing copywrited photos that were used without permission or attribution?


Perfect example of the depth of destain John and I have for each other. John even goes so far as to throw in the "hey you posted my picture without asking me or acknowledging me" even though I do so to show his mastery and defend his honor.

Like another poster recognized, John must not know the definition of atribution because I did. And I don't use his permission because I am Pitmaster T. LOL. Maybe he means that its from his blog. So - I got it from his blog... which is a great place to steal ideas and claim them as your own.

So to the original poster who questioned Johns integrity... now you have proof of someone defending his honesty that can't stand his ass... and as you can see the feeling is mutual.

Almost looks staged. Like a Play. In which one of us, is merely a "character."

I will reiterate a little story in defense of the PBS - mostly because I was thinking about it and also because I was just told the owner is so offended by me he doesn't want me to talk about his product and be associated with it. Grow up man. Now let me aggravate you more by defending your product some more and giving people more reason to buy the PBS.

I noticed at times people regarding the UDS add up all their costs BUT do not add in the hole saws, welders, searches for stuff that will accomodate this and that and that is cool for people with the time to do this. BUT the PBS, which I do not own, I wish I HAD bought for a few reasons. The main reason is mine, which after 5 years of owning the drum and designing the fire ring is putting along finally, well.... it was too damn much trouble. Not because of my ingenutity but because of time. All those trips here and there and all.... well, 225 to buy something that works out of the box.... well all I would need is for someone I trust (regardless how I feel about them) to tell me it made good que. So we have it. The PBS is no BS because it costs less in cash and hassle than the UDS.

So now there are two opinions... one from a guy that has had a lot of experience, with his ingregity backed by a guy that can't stand him, and another from a guy in which the owner of the company has expressedly in writing told people he does not want me affiliated with his product no matter whether I like it or not.

So I think that would mean... its a pretty solid product. Besides, its smaller. Everyone likes it smaller and tighter.

I feel the need to say - because it takes less space in the garage.
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