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I went to a local bbq supply place to buy a Thermapen. The guy sold me the Maverick Professional Thermocouple Thermometer Model # PT-100BBQ. He swore up and down that this was the new "Thermapen." It was pricey, but I went for it. Is this true or did he sell me something else?

Then I watched all those videos of the guy demonstrating the Akorn cooker - I'm going to get one soon - and I loved that with his Maverick probe he could do both the grill temp and the food temp at once. It looks like the ONE probe gives two temps.. you stick the slim end in the meat and it looks like the thicker end is what guages the temp of the grill at meat level. Is that correct?

I'm having buyer's remorse on this expensive thermapen because I have a cheapo internal probe for the grill, but I have to open the grill to test the food temp. I like that he can just keep the cooker closed through the whole cook.

Can anyone tell me what model he uses and if it is still sold and if not, what I can get now that is as good and works the same.

Thanks to all!

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