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somebody shut me the fark up.

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I'd have a hard time claiming the title because I'm always still learning, but I do feel that the term Pitmaster means that one not only know their specific pit, but that they understand the CONCEPT of cooking with fire and smoke and can adapt quickly to any circumstances.

In the relatively short time that I've had the BBQ addiction, I've personally cooked on an ECB, several UDS's, multiple Weber kettles, an upright stickburner, a Jambo, a CTO, kamado style cookers, WSMs, an Orion Cooker and a couple of other diffferent styles of stick burners. I've not done it all, but I truly believe that you could throw me a bag of coal or stack of wood, any smoker and a piece of meat and I could make it happen. Not to say I couldn't screw it up, but I just don't get too intimidated. I've cooked in all kinds of weather and have adapted.

So if the skill of adaptation and knowledge of the BBQ process is what it takes to be a pitmaster, then perhaps I am.

What I DO know is that my ribs beat out both Harbormaster and Chambers on a smoker that was NOT mine and both of THEM owned.

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