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Originally Posted by Jaskew82 View Post
nice video... i can understand the hockey puck pre-form burgers for tailgating but as a fellow New Yorker, I hope you use ground chuck at home.
Actually, those burgers you are seeing there are the best burgers you can get your hands on. I work with the great people over at Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors, who are easily the best meat guys in NY. They are the meat behind almost every great burger in NY. You can google them and see what I mean.

We get a chuck/short rib/brisket blend. These burgers are made to order. I place my order Thursday, they grind them up and form them Friday(their production is closed Saturday) for a Sunday AM party. They are formed to my specs, I order 6 or 7 oz burgers depending on my menu, formed a little thinner than their standard thickness to aid in quick grilling. It is a coarse grind and lightly packed burger, so it comes out super juicy and melts in your mouth. They charge me the same whether they form them for me or send me bulk meat. I packed some myself, really no difference. When I need them for longer term storage they even cryopac them in 4--to-a-cup cryopacs.
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