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Default Trying to find information about a Smoke Hollow grill

Hi Everyone,

My first time here. I've been frantically trying to find information a specific Smoke Hollow grill. It seems this is either a newer company, or just not a popular one. The particular one I'm looking at is the Smoke Hollow Pro Smoker Deluxe Barrel Grill.

That's the link to a product page for it.

Does anyone have any experience with this grill? It seems a great many do with the combo gas/charcoal. I guess its a 3mm thick steel. Is that good? I know the Horizon is highly touted and is 1/4".

My budget really is $600 and under. I have a 22" weber kettle that I love, but I need something for large parties. Is there another recommended smoker on this price level? This seemed to be more heavy duty than the Brinkmann Trailmaster and the Oklahoma Joe's.

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