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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Thanks for the tips. The 5 hours I got was my first smoke and it was cold. So I know I was opening up the doors to check it out way more than normal. Also, I've not really filled the tray up all the way with briquets. Will have to try it full to gauge the time.

I agree that if I put something to life the tray for easier sliding, it would reduce the top space for wood. I was just concerned that over time dragging it over the lip of the smoker would cause it to rust faster (I'm in Seattle, and it's usually wet here)

Also, I ordered some "charcoal gloves"

One more question, do most folks put meat in a pan to catch the drippings? I just put my butt and chicken on the grates and their drippings just ended up in the water pan.

BTW, not sure why that first pick is sideways...
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