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Originally Posted by code3rrt View Post
There was an interesting thread about this in the last few days, if you can find it, it was informative and somewhat entertaining.
Found it.
I posted a couple times in this thread basically explaining your question in one post. All my opinion of course, not fact.

Originally Posted by Hook_Line_and_Sinker View Post
For those that own both, what are the differences between a UDS and a PBS ?
Would a simple set of mods to a UDS give you a PBS ?
Does a PBS yeid different results than a UDS?
If modding a UDS does provide you with a PBS, what cooks would you hang PBS style, and what cooks would you use a cooking grate for ( UDS style )?
I guess the end results of this mod would be called a UDPBS...

Or would it be best to buy a PBS or build a clone?
But so you don't have to find it, and since you asked, you could sorta make a PBC with a standard drum. It would be more a UDS with rebar and with the option to adjust temperature. I think a lot of people don't realize that the idea behind the Pit Barrel is to be easy, efficient, and set and forget. Its designed to not need to be adjusted or messed with intake or temperature wise. Good for someone that wants the efficiency of a UDS but doesn't want to mess with temps or build a UDS.

IF you were to build a clone, your best bet would be to use a 30 gal drum instead of a 55 gal. The 30 gal size uses less charcoal, cooks hotter, and radiates heat more evenly than the 55 gal.

The way I think of it with my pits is this-
PBC= hot and fast smoke, 300*-325*, great for poultry and when there is less available cook time for things like pork butt (4-6hrs vs. 12-16hrs).
UDS= true low and slow smoke, 225*-250*, great for the long haul when time allows.

Hope that helps.
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