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Originally Posted by mawil1013 View Post
IMHO, comp is so far removed from q that it ain't q. Real comp should be, here is your stack of logs, your whole hog, let's see what you can do. comp is commercialized, seems the only purpose of comp is to sell a restaurant or a sauce. But, that's just my personal opinion.

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You've been to the wrong comps, IMHO. Yes, plenty like you mention, but plenty aren't like this at all. My favorites have you cook whole pork shoulders (usually in the 20# range each) and whole hog in addition to ribs. Not everyone uses a "stack of logs", but most of us do. Most of us dont sell sauces nor are we promoting anyones restaurant.

To the original poster, it all comes down to personal taste and preference.

I dont "mix sugar in my rub", but that's because I use my rub on most everything from pork, to ribs, to beef, etc. and I find sugar in my beef rub fairly disgusting. I do, however, add in a small amount of turbinado sugar when cooking ribs, and even a smaller amount on pork (butts, shoulders, picnics, hams). The reason, for me, is that I like to eat BBQ without any sauce, and without any sauce could use a slight hint of sweet. Like I said, I dont use much. I dont care for "candied" bbq. This aside, both in competitions and at home, I offer BBQ sauce on the side, and for ribs I'll have at least 2 sauces that are fairly sweet, one being liquid pig candy...

Personal preference...

Note to mawil1013: Some competitions (some sanctioned ones) allow the competitor to present sauce on the side, and others allow multiple sauces to be presented on the side. F Y I.
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