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Default Pitmaster IQ110 and 300+ degrees

Ok guys I must be doing something wrong here and am looking for some assistance.

I got the IQ110 as a Christmas present and have given it a couple runs and typically I do not cook this high but these two cooks require temps in the upper 290 to 300+ degrees. I cooked a turkey one time and you need the heat to get the crispy skin and then I did some appetizers for New Years eve that had bacon and you need the higher heat to crisp up the bacon.

The first cook I contributed the 16 mph breeze we had that day as to why I couldn't get it above 280 but this last cook there was no breeze and still could not get above 285. On both cooks I had to end up opening the additional vents to get enough air to get to 300.

Here is my game plan for the latest cook.
  1. I used a full chimney of lite KBB this time
  2. I let the cooker get up to 295 before shutting down the other two intakes and turning on the IQ110. I was shooting for 300.
  3. Both cooks I ran with an empty foiled water pan.
  4. Both cooks I ran the damper fully open on the IQ.
  5. I have the IQ clipped to my Maverick probe holder.
  6. Since I cannot get an actual reading I slowly dialed back the temp to what the Maverick was reading and the IQ said it was at temp (solid green) so I assuming the probe is at least close to accurate.
Both cooks after I turned the IQ on to start controlling the temp dropped anywhere between 15 and 20 degrees before it started to rise again which is probably what should happen but it could never get me back to the point I was when I shut down the other vents.

What could I be doing wrong here?
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