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Default Is there such a thing as "too many knives"?

I've been doing this BBQ thing for a number of years now, with all my friends and family knowing me as a BBQ afficionado and when we are't eating BBQ or otherwise outdoor cooked food the subject of BBQ "comes up" a lot when talking with folks. It's been that way for quite a while now.

So, after several birthday's, Christmas, gifts in general, hand-me-downs, etc...I started wondering...

Is it possible to have too many knives?

This Christmas, I least 7 new knives. Most of which are very nice knives. I love them very much and have already used each of them. I am blessed, and pleased to own them.

However, I have one drawer upstairs that is full of only knives. I often wonder how I am able to stick my hand in there to remove a knife and still keep all of my fingers. I also block access to that drawer witl a rolling cart/cutting board so as to keep any young hands out of there.

I also have two full knife blocks upstairs on the kitchen counter, each filled with an array of razor sharp implements.

Down in the garage, sitting among all of the comp BBQ stuff (which I still own even though I don't compete regularly) is a large portable tool box which was originally intended to tote most of my smaller BBQ things like thermo's, knives, probes, measuring cups/spoons, various other utensils and such, but actually now holds more knives than anything else, oddly enough.

Then there is my cooking area outside, where I have a cart and inside are several cheapy (yet razor sharp) knives that I pick up from the butcher. I don't care too much if anything happens to them as they aer discarded knives the butcher used and have been sharpened down to their last reasonable uses, but they are still excellent knives and I get them for $6 a pop.

So I got to wondering....

Do I have to many knives?

If I stopped washing knives, I could probably go for a week or three before I ran out, and I don't think I could fit all of those dirty knives even in both sides of my kitchen sink!

I knwo we all have a billion and a half cookers in our signatures, and claim there can never be too many. I am guessing knives are the same way? Do you have too many knives?

Your turn.
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