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Default Am I Nuts? First Chuck Roast w/pron

I'm only guessing, but my neighbors, and maybe my family must think I have a screw loose. It's 24 degrees outside, 9 O'clock at night and I'm out on the deck Q'ing, Hmmmmmmmm.....even sounds a little nutty to me, lol. Here is the pathway from my back door to thr Weber;

Any way, I've been wanting to try a chuckie for a while now and had a small one that needed to be used:

All seasoned up with Bovine Bold, my first time using this, one of the reasons I was Q'ing was to try this;

I also did some more wings so I could play with some other new products I've wanted to try:

The yard bird I've used before, the Blues Hog sauces are new to me. And also:

Jerk seasoning was also new to me.
Soooooo on to the grill, chuck roast first:

Cooked at around 300 +/- to an IT of 160, then wrapped in foil with some carmelized onions and beef stock:

Wrapped it up tight, back on the kettle to IT of 205. Put it in a cooler wrapped with towels to rest for an hour or so. While that was happening, I finished up my wings:

Jerk seasoned on the left, yardbird on the right:

Left the jerk seasoned wings without any sauce so I could really see what it tasted like. The wings with the yardbird I put a half and half mix of the BH original and the Tennessee red, I thought both batches of wings were great, really liked them both.
Now back to the chuckie.

Out of the foil and chopped up some. Wasn't as tender as I expected it to be, not quite pullable, but still tender and tasted quite good.
Here it is plated with some gravy I made from the drippings:

A few mixed vegies and red taters to boot. It wasn't quite what I had hoped, need to work a little on my seasonings to get it where I want it. It was quite good though, I tried a little after this with a little of Tasty Licks secret sauce and that really tasted good, I liked the BBQ sauce better than the gravy I think, at least on the meat, lol.

Quite a lengthy post but I am having a great time trying out new "stuff". Thanks to all of the brethren for giving me some great ideas.

Hope you all enjoyed the pron, thanks for looking and Happy New Year to ya all!
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