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Found some matches.
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Sorry Guys I should have filled you in way more than I did,

I cook whole packers starting with trimming all the fat off and then using a butcher injection 4 hours before I place meat on the smoker, I am running an offset smoker and try to stay around 225-240 degrees for the entire cook time. I still haven’t found the perfect rub for my brisket. I seem to change every time I cook one. Hour before placing on smoker I will place my dry rub on and place brisket fat cap down until I hit the 160 degree mark. I then wrap with for and I do not place any liquid inside.

From Here I shoot for 197 degrees, once there I pull it off vent it for 5-10 min and separate my point from flat. Wrap back up and place in cooler. My point gets seasoned and goes back on the smoker. Usually my brisket will rest anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours in the dry cooler before slicing.
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