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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
Ok Now tell us the truth you been cooking brisket for a few years looks like you nailed it
If the tail is thin during the prep I cut it off where it is about 1" in thickness. save the trim for burger meat, chili, stew,.....
Now why didn't I think of that? Love me some brisket burgers.

I spent a lot of time reading up on the subject on this forum before taking the plunge. I'm glad I went with the KISS method on this cook, it gave me a good base to start with.

I've had requests from some buddies that saw the pictures to do another so I'm thinking brisket #2 isn't too far off in the future.

Even though the brisket was the star of the show, them beans turned out really good as well. I usally add some regular yellow mustard to my beans but this go around I used the Roxy's BBQ sauce instead and it was a nice addition.
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