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Default A Fingerlickin' Good Christmas and New Year's Eve 2012

I did a bunch of cooking this holiday season, so I figured I'd share my holiday adventures with all my favorite folks...this means you! There's probably a few too many pictures here, so I'll try and keep the chit chat to a minimum.

Here's is how it went down in chronological order, from what I can remember.

We started with a Christmas tree.

Then there was the Maple Syrup TD that I decided not to enter. This was marinated in maple syrup and black pepper then hot smoked and given as a gift. It started out well, notice the lack of money shot, it just wasn't pretty enough for one of those throwdown thingys. Did I mention how much I hate salmon?

My wife had the bright idea of taking pictures for the Christmas card this year with the kids in front of a pile of candy canes. That didn't go as well as planned.

He's eyeing up those canes like Gore does ribs.

Then came the prime rib for Christmas Eve dinner at my parents house.

No sliced shot, I was last to the party and beef started flying before I got a chance. Cooked indirect at 250* until 125* then reverse seared. It was farking awesome and I can't wait to do it again.

A couple presents magically appeared Christmas day.

Apparently Slinky's aren't as cool as I remember.

I spatchcocked a bird, we ate half for dinner that night, the other half is for white bean and chicken chili new year's eve. It came out fantastic as always.

Against my better judgement, I gave Gore's salmon a shot.

That night I also did some eye of round destined for Italian beef sammies on new years eve. These I smoked indirect over cherry until 125* internal and the next day I sliced them up.

Sunday I made some of Boshizzle's competition chili to take to a family gathering. This was a huge hit, and I was asked to leave the leftovers there. Thanks Bo, this spoon shot is for you!

That night I finished up Gore's salmon. It came out pretty darn good, from what I hear.

Monday came around and we volunteered to have the New Year's Eve party at our place this year. Wings were part of the menu. Most got SM Sweet and Spicy and some Slap Yo' Daddy. The little pile got some Habanero Death Dust. Smoked on the egg at 325'ish. Then hit with Patio Daddio's Finger Stickin' Chicken Sauce. I left the HDD wings nekkid.

I made some leftover Cochinita Pibil and cheese empanadas. My rolling pin is in need of an upgrade so I used my tortilla press to roll out the dough. I don't know if that's cheating or not, but it worked great.

The Italian beef for the sammiches.

I found some time to ice down some party favors.

The kids ate enough chocolate chip cookies that making it until midnight was not a problem.

Remind me to have the party at someone else's house next year. I'm pretty sure a bomb went off in the kitchen because there was shrapnel everywhere.

Much to my dismay, after all my hard work on all that great food, the star of the show was..........Gore's farking salmon. and yes I did keep it classy and serve it off of one of Drew's kiddy forks.

So thank you all for checking out my holiday adventures! Have a great 2013 everyone!

Jason [/I]

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