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Originally Posted by flyingbassman5 View Post
Best advice I've ever been given about the white smoke is this.....Don't over think it!!

Don't worry about what the smoke smells like. Cook something on it and see how it is. If it is over smoked and bitter, then we have a different animal to tame. Until then, don't sweat bullets over the white stuff.

Electric smokers are also a strange breed in that the wood chips will only burn when the coil heats up. Once that coil shuts off after it hits temp, the chips are going to stop burning and thus stop smoking. Wetting them isn't really gonna do anything because the heat will just burn off the steam first, then burn the wood. This is the sole reason I never decided to get an electric "fueled" rig.

Well my main concern is creosote. I made jerky yesterday which I stopped after 3 hours, the jerky was incredibly strong. And it was either the marinade or the smoke. I was thinking maybe I could elevate the pan a little bit to help it not be so hot? There is also like no ventilation but I don't really want to be poking holes through it yet.
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