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Default Having problems with my Big Chief (Thick white smoke)

Hey guys Im pretty new and I been smoking allot in 2012, I have a grill that I use and I used it as a smoker as well. Getting blue smoke was pretty easy but now for Christmas I got a Big Chief smoker.

For some reason this big chief is only producing white smoke. The wood chips should last a hour but the really thin chips burnt black in 25 minutes. I used thicker wood chips that lasted 30 minutes until black, wetted them to see if I could get any difference, I used thick wood chunks, I used one wetted large wood chunk which lasted awhile but produced thick white smoke. The smell is gagging when I am changing the wood when usually the smell of blue smoke is sweet and pleasing.

Any tips on getting that blue smoke out of the big chief?

Also, I read somewhere that getting the heat hot enough helps for blue smoke, but if it is too hot doesn't that just produce white smoke since it is burning too fast?
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