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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Thanks for putting up this thread Gore - and your prime looks amazing! I really love the grain in that first pic.

I cook on the low end of the spectrum - 200. Last year I started way too soon and slowed down the cook by turning off the oven at points, sticking it in the Cambro, etc. and it actually yielded what is probably my best result. I go for a 120 IT and then a blast at the end, which I'm not sure is necessary.

I've been dry aging the past several and I love the results - I've never done a side by side comparison, but it does seem the flavor is more beefy. Also, there are no drippings with a dry aged roast since the moisture is gone. There is rendered fat though.

This is last year's - it's from a grass fed/grain finished happy cow:

Money was a little tighter this year, so I got this meat from Costco. It still wasn't cheap, but it is cheaper than what comes from the specialty butcher:

I'm with ya that these are hard to mess up, esp. if you start with a good piece of meat - just let it be what it is, and you won't go wrong. It does seem to me that it's a good idea to buy the best you can afford, but I can't say for sure as I haven't cooked any cheap rib roasts that I can remember.

I really like the results I get with my method (actually it's Cook's Illustrated's method), and I'm happy to have something I can rely on, but I'm thinking it'd be fun to try something different next time just to mix things up a little. I'm guessing I'll be referring to this thread when the time comes! I like the idea of trimming the fat cap - I haven't done that, but I think I will start.

I love standing at the counter and chewing on the bones, and now my sons do too.
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