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Originally Posted by flyingbassman5 View Post
Sorta. You could add rebar and hooks to a 55gal UDS but the a PBC is preset from the factory to run in the 300-325 range. A UDS would require you to adjust dampers and intakes to hit that range but a Pit Barrel is basically set and forget from the minute you put the meat on. I also think of the PBC as being better for a "hot and fast" smoke while the UDS is more for true 225-250 "low and slow".
I have to agree with you in regards to the UDS running easier at 225-250. Every time I try to run it higher my firebox seems to get choked up after some time. Too much ash is what I'm thinking. I'm forced to poke a stick in there to loosen up the ashes to allow air to get in. My next mod will be fixing my ash pan/firebox clearance.

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