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No, not really testing..

This is a technique i have used in the past to do steaks. Push the pit to 600+ degrees and throw steaks in the hotspot of the vertical for an Offset seering, if the pit is 600+ at the thermometer, that hotspot has to be 700. When steaks are 120(very quick)I put them directly(about an inch) over the coals for a few seconds each side. Thick steaks cook in a few minutes this way and my buddies go completly farking nuts over them. Its a technique only we can do, and the steaks come out like their is still a heart pumping in it. I do similar with the prime rib roasts and briskets, but hit it with 400+ first. Then damper down.

Last night, I wanted high heat and i knew one chimney and a log will give me 350-400. I wanted searing heat to hit the skin with up front. At first i only had 2 splits of apple, but i wanted to punch the pit higher, which the oak log did. i originally was going to add a small amount of mesquite to get ot 500, but didnt want to ruin the chicken. If it was beef, i probably would have gone mesquite for the BTUs. The oak log got it over 600. The thermometer was pinned beyond its limit.

I was in a hurry, wanted to make roasted chicken, didnt want to fire up the gasser and grill it.. and didnt have time for low and slow.. and it was 20 degrees and I had to heat the steel up. Figured instead of cooking in the kitchen oven at 350, why not use the pit as an oven? when the chicken first went in, the pit was over 500, I move the chicken to a cooler spot after a few minutes while the pit dampered down to 350-400.

it really was a great success.. sharon this morning was still ranting about the chicken and wants it again tonight. She looked for some for breakfast, but james ate the last piece at midnight. I may even consider this for competion afte a few more tries.. To have a white meat breast oozing juices like these were, in under an hour with crispy skin could be a nice change. There was a 15-20 minute hold period after we took the chicken off too.

I really recommend you guys try it.. It is NOT however going to give us the intense flavor of low and slow. And the texture is more that of roasted chicken, but for the family dinner in under an hour, it was awesome.

another thing.. Im just not sure what the smaller pits would do with this.. The klose has a 1/2 inch steel firebox and the preheating wood on top ignited last night. The bandera and BSKD may warp. I know the MOAB firebox lid warped a bit when i did this last year and its 3/8 inch steel.
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