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Found some matches.
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I'm ordering the Party Gator and the options I'm definitely going with are:

Tuning Plates
Gas Assist
Probe Ports
SS Drop Down Shelf
Birdhouse Smokestack
Large Locking Casters
Charcoal Basket

Options I'm still debating on are:

Fire Box Size, Thickness, Shape
Cooking Chamber Length
Counter Weight on Single Door

Thanks again for all the help![/QUOTE]

I would go 24"x 24" on a round firebox with a 48" length cooking chamber.
If you go say 40" to 44" cooking chamber I would go alitte shorter on the firebox say 20" for the 40" and 22" for the 42-44".
I did not mention before about the door counter weight, yes if I had it to do over yes on that counter weight.
You may have metioned before about front shelf ? Wider is better 12",13" or 14" wide is what you want, 10"or 11" not wide enought.
Wheels the five inch now standard may work just fine for you, the only reason I went with the 8 inch locking wheels was that I knew I was going to have to push it around the block when I moved and locking because it originally was on a driveway with a grade to could have rolled down, now that I've moved and its on a flat concrete slab I really dont need the bigger locking wheels.
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