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Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post
First... This is what My videos would look like if I gave a **** about the people I make it for. Good Job.

Second, this is a steller recipe and frankly, I think it may be one of the first I will do in my new UDS.

Third - and I think its an appropriate thing to add here. It was 1998 and one of the most surpising, sloppy, monkey ****s I ever had was from a girl from the Netherlands. I used to assemble RTA furniture. She was, get this, a Nanny. LOL I was involved with another woman at the time and for some reason felt the need to be faithful (even though she ended up being a psychopath that drank a bottle of tylonol with codiene in front of her kids because she didn't like their x mas gift) but I digress.... I was not ready to leave her yet and this Nanny girl, she was from Middelburg, was blonde, voluptous and apparently hot for me. Sorry make that hott.

There was no one else home. Should I have started this story with, "I never belived something like this would ever happen to me but when it did I knew I had to write the forum?" Look, I just wanted to put the desk together and get out of there without my goatee looking like a glazed donut. Nice Pork Roast by the way. Anyway, one minute she comes in and I notice she has something on sexier than what she had on before. I ignored it and rushed my work. Then she came back and it was even sexier. I am like, bitch, why you be off changing and ****? Anyway, stupid me, after I was done I accepted the invitation to have a glass of wine. As I drank it she was sitting on the island of the kitchen and I realized how beautiful she was. I quickly turned the discussion to politics so I could maybe get her or myself to lose interest. Damn if she wasn't a memeber of the PvdA. I wanted to show her my purple Thermapen. So I am totally trying to make her think I am not interested and let me tell you.... she ended up having like Scarlett Johansen's body. Then she hit me. She insulted American men.... telling me they don't know how to... and I am in the Q forum now so I will not use "eat ****" (SHE USED THE C WORD) and say.... perform cunnilingus. Now I was needing to Rock Hard in a funky place. There she was, smiling that smile that says "now you have to **** me." There was no BBQ brethren then and I was into body building so I didn't have my meat curtians certificate. But it was the hottest sex of my life. I mean wine bottle.... breaking on the floor and ****. We scrogged in every room. I shoulda married the woman. whew.

So... flaps off to you Pitmassa X for reminding me of my tossed salad days! She wrote me back many times through email (later internet video) that I restored her faith in American Men.

You will make some friends with this recipe

Of course I recognise your story because all dutch girls are like that.

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