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Originally Posted by Bluesman View Post
Just wondering. What if you put 4 holes in your UDS added some rebar and got some hooks. Would it be the close to the PBC? Oh, and plugged the exhaust vents.
It is doable on a 55 but I don't know how the results would compare. Would be interesting to compare. I don't know about others, but I like the Pit Barrel because it runs at a hotter temp than a standard 55g UDS. The way I think of it is PBC=Hot and Fast and UDS=Low and Slow.

A standard UDS comes in handy when you have the time to do a 10lb pork butt over the course of 12-16 hours. The PBC can have it done in about 6; a much shorter time frame to deal with, which is good if you have deadlines for when your food has to be done. Sure you could crank up the heat in your UDS, but a bigger barrel to heat means more charcoal that needs to be burned.

Another company markets a 55gal version of the PBC. The D-Meat Barrel is essentially the same thing but in 55gal size and with a price point of $400. Its made from a drum that is specially made for the company which basically jacks up the price in the final bill. Plus it adds (without the customers request or customization) side tables, and fancy metal work to use the lid as the exhaust damper. All frills that some people can do without. There are some youtube vids of it and an old thread here on the brethren about it. Its an interesting product, but compared to the PBC for $225 with the discount coupon from, its a no brainer!
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