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Originally Posted by WhiskeyPigBbq View Post
Sheriff-the vault has a much larger charcaol box allowing Vault owners to snake the charcoal around. It is much harder to do that in a Safe do to the size. I would love to be able to line my charcoal box like you have. I have had my share of difficulties with my safe, but was in Houston a few weeks ago and Victor gave me some pointers which have helped quite a bit. One of which is to use charcoal briquettes which is against my years of praising lump charcoal. Basically I havfound that I preheat my Safe with my flame thrower to the temp I want to cook at. Then stack charcoal around the edges starting 4 wide ending with th briquettes being 2 wide. Throw a couple long pieces of wood on the top of the charcoal and let er rip. Temp stays pretty much where I want it if it does get a little warm I throw some water in the pan and it will bring the temp down.

K-Sorry for not getting back to you, but after my visit to Pitmaker, I am probably just going to keep my Safe. You guys are more than welcome to take a look at it if you havent seen one in person.
I don't see the need to snake the charcoal - is that for longer burn times? My burn times are already pretty good and I can run the pit as low as I want if I'm using water. It's best to let the pit come 2/3's of the way to temp before adding water. I've heard of others having issues but I've never had one with mine. It is the easiest thing to cook on in the world. Nearly idiot proof.
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