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Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post
Itís dangerous to get the powdered enzyme into your lungs because it will react with your lungs just like it does with raw meat. Other than that, it's not a health risk.

But, if you glue together a lot of exterior meat that has some kind of infection like eboli, etc., you need to be careful. The meat product produced is a lot like hamburger in that regard, so only well done is safe to eat.

you would have to injest a lot in your lungs for it to be an issue. Casual use is not a concern (hmmm, where have I heard that before- I digress).

you are correct that you have to be careful but well done is not the only way to be safe. That's where the sous vide comes in so handy. That chicken was cooked at 147 (way lower than is considered safe for chicken) but for 6 hours. Nothing can live at 147 for 6 hours so it's essentially pasteurized. Same goes for stuff you do with meat glue. I did these short ribs for 5 days (no meat glue but just to prove a point). They were perfectly med rare and perfectly safe after 5 days

so, they do need to be safe, but you can do that with other methods than well done.

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