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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
It is quite true, I have both spoken to company reps that do this kind of work and seen the actual cuts. It was not that uncommon. I actually got into it with a butcher, pushing him on the fact that his bacon wrapped filet did not look right.

I do not believe it is an evil additive, and in fact, a couple of friends made a rather cool lobster stuffed tenderloin with it, and you would not have been able to find the seam. I certainly would not hesitate to use it. I even thought it would be fun to mess with it for competition chicken skin. But, I suspect it is not allowed. Although I am not sure they could really tell.
they must be better at it than me. I can see the seams when I do it. Filet seems a good spot to do it though. When you trim a filet, when you get up into the head, it splits into 2 parts. That's where the bacon usually comes in to play (to hold it together to make it look like 1 fillet). Center cut does not need it. I never buy bacon wrapped because I know that's from the head and it has silver skin that runs through the middle. they are always trying to maximize yield with filet and the head is the biggest part. It's a horrible cut of meat though. Full of silver skin and sinew. I bet they use it to stick the bacon to the filet as well.

I think most comps still allow meat glue. I can spot it a mile away on skin though. I actually had it at a restaurant and told my wife that "this skin has been glued back on somehow". It was so thin and crispy- it was awesome. I thought it was corn starch or something like that so I literally googled "meat glue" and voila!
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