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Originally Posted by HogFan View Post
13.5lb brisket, probably 325F......or I might could go to 350F if it would help. I've not tried to achieve high temps in my UDS while it's cold outside so I'm guessing I can achieve this temp with my IQ-110 (hit 350F in the summer without issue). I'll use Ozark Oak lump.
OK several issues here: You aren't giving yourself near enough time. You really need to count on an hr per lb around 300 if that is where you like to cook. As you are probably aware, not all briskets behave the same way. One could take 45 minutes while another takes 1:15 per lb.

2nd: you have no idea what temp your rig will hold in these temps. Better do a trial run tonight to see how high it will go and for how long.

If it were me, I would do the test run tonight and see what that does for you. If you can hold temps, you need to put this brisket on at like 5am to ensure a 7pm dinner. Still pushing it in my book but you could force it through once you got home from work at 3
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