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Sheriff-the vault has a much larger charcaol box allowing Vault owners to snake the charcoal around. It is much harder to do that in a Safe do to the size. I would love to be able to line my charcoal box like you have. I have had my share of difficulties with my safe, but was in Houston a few weeks ago and Victor gave me some pointers which have helped quite a bit. One of which is to use charcoal briquettes which is against my years of praising lump charcoal. Basically I havfound that I preheat my Safe with my flame thrower to the temp I want to cook at. Then stack charcoal around the edges starting 4 wide ending with th briquettes being 2 wide. Throw a couple long pieces of wood on the top of the charcoal and let er rip. Temp stays pretty much where I want it if it does get a little warm I throw some water in the pan and it will bring the temp down.

K-Sorry for not getting back to you, but after my visit to Pitmaker, I am probably just going to keep my Safe. You guys are more than welcome to take a look at it if you havent seen one in person.
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