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Default Will This Brisket Plan Work?

We are getting together with friends (two other families) tomorrow night to celebrate the coming New Year. I'm thinking of smoking a brisket for the party at 7:00 PM tomorrow evening. Only problem.......I work tomorrow. But.......I will be home for lunch (and can probably take a little longer lunch than normal tomorrow) and I'm off work early at 3:00 PM so I'll be home by 3:15.

So I'm thinking about preping the brisket tonight, come home at lunch tomorrow at 11:15AM and fireup the UDS, once it stabilizes at 300F-325F connect my IQ-110 temp controller, and toss the brisket on hopefully around noon (13.5lb is the weight on the package). When I get home around 3:00PM, I would wrap the brisket in butcher paper and hopefully be ready to pull it around 5:30-6:30 PM.

So is that doable? An additional piece of info, my 17 year old daughter will be here to monitor things while I am at work so that takes a bit of pressure off. Should I use 325F or 300F as my cook temp? I had rather be done early as late so I'm leaning toward 325F as it won't be done before I get home.

Finally, has anyone tried the Mountain Man Bourban Rub rub from Cabelas on a brisket? If so, how did it turn out? I have some on-hand and I I've wanted to try it on brisket. Not sure if I should try something new on friends or not........but if not, I'll go back to my proven rub which is Peppered Cow.
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