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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
That is an interesting take, and well done. I can see why you had to be stopped and TFJ had to take over

I have no problem with meat glue, it is as natural as blood or meat itself. My biggest issue is that it was being used to re-assemble chunks of meat into other chunks of meat, and then being sold as 'filet' or 'steak' which are meaningless terms. But, it was misleading none the less.
That was the fear. I don't know that ever really occured. There was an Austrailian "expose" of meat glue where some chef made some janky looking filets and the news lady had this shocked look like it was rampant in the marketplace. yeah, except for all the obvious seams you could plainly see in the filets! If you look at all the youtube meat glue videos people in the comments are all up in arms at people using it like it is this evil additive. They obviously have no idea it's a widely used, natuarlly occuring enzyme that is even in non-processed foods and that if they have ever had a turkey sandwich, they have had meat glue.

it's fun to play with and I can totally see a BBQ team using it for chicken skin. I would for sure if I was a comp guy. Wouldn't think twice about it.
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