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Originally Posted by vafish View Post

Are you going to write a book on VA BBQ?

I'd love to! But, I'm still short on some information that's been very difficult to dig up. I know it's out there because I have secondary references to it. I'ts just a matter of hard work to dig it. If I ever do, I will write a book.

The problem is the modern ideas of great BBQ areas. Virginia BBQ has taken a big hit in the last few decades with some of the great old time places closing up for one reason or another.

I think the real take away from the story of Virginia BBQ is the roots of BBQ history and how so much that we think came from places like NC, Memphis, Texas, etc. were actually first done in Virginia the "Mother of States."

One of my main goals is to answer Robert F. Moss's question from Barbecue: An American Institution where he asks "Whatever happened to Virginia barbecue?" I have some answers but not all of them. Just a little more work to do.
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