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Originally Posted by superdan View Post
I like the removable tuning plates. Klose, I've heard, welds his in place but Ritch does his removable. It is easy to tune to get roughly even temps left to right just don't go crazy trying to make it perfect.
Lastly I got the round fire box with the flat top. I don't use the flat top much but I do use the fact I can open the top of the fire box and put grates in and cook in there. Reverse sear is a breeze.
My only regret was I didn't do an insulated fire box. That would have been awesome I think. Other than that I would get the same pit again.
I have a Klose 30" X 8 foot long mobile pit. I have the tuning plates and they all are removable on mine. I also got the stainless steel wood/fire rack with the insulated fire box. When this monster is up to heated up with 400 # of pork but it requires a chunk of log every hour to hour and a half. I got everything else Dave suggested except for the s/steel shelf. I still kick myself in the arse every time I use it.
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