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Default Meat Glue, Sous Vide, chicken parts and what have ya

Did a really fun cook last night and just had to share. I ate at Drago Centro in LA a few weeks ago and they did this chicken dish that was out of this world. I pretty much sniffed it out and vowed to try it. Once the Fabulous Janell got wind of the plan, she essentially ran me off the cook but I didn't mind. The Horns were playing in the Alamo Bowl and she is a way more artistic cook than me. Here is the rundown:

I brined 3 bone in, skin on chicken breast and then was told to go watch football.

Here is what TFJ did with the brined breasts:

Boned and skinned them and scraped all 3 skins.

Meat glued 2 of the breasts together (inverted so the thin part of one is facing the thick part o the other.)

She then glued the scraped skin all the way around both breasts (took all 3 skins)

Then rolled the breast in plastic wrap to form a sphere. We lightly froze it so we could vac seal it for the sous vide without it Losing it's shape. You could drop the plastic wrapped breasts directly in the SV but we were using store bought wrap instead of commercial and didn't trust it.

We cooked them SV for 4 hours, browned with a torch to crisp up the skin and served with TFJ's "all day Marsala Demi", mashed potatoes, and roasted Brussels Sprouts. Really cool take on chicken Marsala with a presentation worthy of a very upscale restaurant. Lot of work but tons of fun. We are doing it again today

A few things we learned:

meat glue is awesome (I've known this for a while but my love has been renewed)

Scraping chicken skin and meat gluing back on is an awesome technique to get perfect skin.

I'll never make chicken without brining again

Sous Vide is the best way to cook chicken. Period.

Here we go:

This is the original meal I had in LA

Here is how we replicated it:

2 brined, boned, and skinned breasts with a little meat glue sprinkled on (skin side down)

Scraped skin set aside:

If you wonder why scraping is they way to get that perfect bite, here is what came off the back of the skin (nasty but wanted to share the love)

Here they are bonded (inverted so the tails are attached to the thick part of the other). Meat glue added to the outside to reattach the skin

Reattaching the skin:

Wrapping to form sphere and facilitate the bond:

We then lightly froze to vac seal (so it didnt get squished in the sealer) for the bath. If you use commercial film, it's wide enough to get a good seal so you can drop that right in the bath without vac sealing.

Once out of the bath (4 hrs) she finished with a torch to crisp up the skin

And finally, plated with mashers, Demi, and Brussels sprouts

One of the best home cooked meals I have ever had. Simple ingredients, using modern techniques = awesome food!

I know it's not bbq related but you gotta mix it up once in a while. Even I can only eat so much brisket
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