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Originally Posted by Sillius Sodus View Post

A couple of quick questions for those in the know...
1. Can I use Stubbs for this? I will/can use Kingsford, but it is a personal thing...
2. Any reason (or need) to use lump in this instead of briquettes?

Thanks guys.
1. Sure. I used off brand briquettes today for my PBC cook and it still burned hot for a good usable 8 hours. If the off brand can do it Stubb's ought to be able to as well. Fact is, Stubb's is all I am going to be using in mine once this bag of off brand runs out. Like John said, it was designed around Kingsford, but I think using a different brand isn't going to hurt. Cook times and temps might run different but you just have to figure out what works.

2. Lump I think would burn too hot and too fast in the PBC because the intake is preset. On a UDS, lump works because you can control the intake and thus the temperature, but again, it wouldn't hurt to experiment a bit.
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