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Originally Posted by flyingbassman5 View Post
Just to get some pictures involved, I fired up the PBC for the first time today and did some chicken thighs and brats. I used just the grate today because the thighs were just a tad small to hang. I figured there was noting wrong with using the grate and saving the inaugural hanging cook for Ribs.

I also ended up getting a "family photo" while cleaning out the spice cabinet.

I did up the thighs with Weber brand "Kickin' Chicken" seasoning I got in a Weber sauce and seasoning kit for Christmas. It had a little heat from the red pepper seeds but overall tasted really good. I wouldn't mind having a larger bottle of the stuff..

I filled the basket with off brand charcoal I had laying in the shed . I had lump but it was an unopened bag and the briquettes bag was only about half full. Decided to kill the briquettes to give me an excuse to go buy some stubbs. I added four chunks of Hickory and lit about 10 briquettes in a chimney starter. No lighter fluid like the directions said because I don't own any. The 10 white hot briquettes worked just fine to get the fire going. 30 minutes after walking outside to light a fire, the barrel was hot, smokin', and ready for some chicken and brats.

Unfortunately, the plated product didn't last long enough to get a picture, but I assure you, it was farking delicious!! Enjoy the pics fellas!!
Try it WITHOUT wood next time...I think it's even BETTER :)
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