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I hope there wasn't a confusion on the basis of what was earlier discussed.

At no time - did I say it shouldn't, wouldn't, or could not be done successfully.

My opinion was based on years of a trial and error learning curve - on several cookers over the past 10 years or so.

(2) Brinkmann verical water smokers,
A Brinkmann Smoke King Deluxe - a Bandera clone.
Built a Double Barrel Smoker...
(2) Bubba Keg smokers
Lang 48 patio offset
Lang 60 mobile
Klose Backyard Chef
Lang 84 Deluxe kitchen
and a 22.5" WSM - latest addition.

That's 11 smokers over the last ten years - and have cooked edible BBQ in all of them.
Would I want to do it again on lower end equipment?
Only if there are no better options available.

Been there, Done that mod.

Was only trying to pass on my opinion based on the above background and experience learned.

The question I have is in three parts;
1. How often do you want to upgrade the smoker?
2. Do you want to modify the existing design to make it work?
3. How difficult of a learning curve do you want?

Those questions will lead you to the WSM - a championship proven, efficient smoker right out of the box.

Am only suggesting to chose wisely.
Custom Klose Backyard Chef... of Snot, and a 22.5 WSM

Former smokers;
Lang 84 Deluxe kitchen, Lang 60 Mobile - The Damsel II, Lang 48 Patio - The Damsel, Bubba Keg Grill - RIP, Double Barrel Smoker and a BSKD

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