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Originally Posted by snyper77 View Post
I've tried Smithfield, IBP, and Prairie Fresh spare ribs from Winn Dixie and Food World (Grocers). Every one of them are "thin" and "skinny" racks.
I've seen competition ribs there were very thick and meaty. Do ribs come in "quality" categories like brisket (select, choice, prime)? I simply can't find thick, quality spare ribs. Thanks for your help here.
Try to find "rib belly" at your local butcher store. Basically spareribs and pork belly (wanna-be bacon) are right next to each other on the pig, and at least one place here in Chicago sells them as a single cut called a rib belly. I trim most of the fat that you'd find on the pork belly, and you end up with ~1" of meat on top of the bone, as well as what's between the bones. I've used rib belly to make real rib sammiches in the past (especially when the Arches sells their faux rib abomination). I'll find some pr0n I kept the last time I made the rib sammich and post it here.
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